“TARSHISHIM – boxed limited edition” by Ron Weighell

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Fishing for Coral

“‘…and he said the Tsar was a student of alchemy, and belongs to a secret order who worship ancient gods.’ / ‘If it is secret, how does he know?'”

The visionary prose collage continues to accrete fascinatingly, a collage about the angel / human device: something I would call, in the Weird Literature field, a ‘contraption’, one that many climates (here initiating from frozen descriptivities in tune with the previous section’s river) and dynasties and cargo-cults and geographies and histories and meticulous or arcane or (semi-)religious skills (post-Deeside) are teeming towards a trick-into-being or a straight-create: awe-somely as well as implicit-humorously with the editorial interpolation regarding a ‘first cause’ interpolation in its own right: The Gentleman’s Magazine 1737. — The collage indeed continues to accrete fascinatingly, whether the veil or portal or interface is most efficient between Angels and Humans or Angels and Demons or, even (or especially?), Demons and Humans  – and I wonder whether double alliances are possible in any form of triple entente, or vice versa.  Meanwhile – Fishing for Coral? Well, coral, as far as I know, accretes, like this book’s collage. May even be parthenogenetic?  On the other hand, engravings, intaglios etc grow by deliberate intervention from an outside force or unparthenogenetic cross-fertilisation. Also, contraptions.  Or so I presume. (29 Dec 11)

The Chain of the Exilarchs

In it can be found incantations, amulets and roll calls of the Celestial Hierarchies.”

The secreting/accreting now goes into substantive ‘overdrive’, if I can use a modern word to describe this “living book of magic“.  A ‘candle dream’ (my old term not, so far, this book’s) that is enthralling, amid ‘Jewish Diaspora or Exilarchy’ concerns; it is ostensibly about a lost skin-scroll of tattooed words made into a book now gone missing (stolen?) and contraptive machinations (spells?) then narratively working to retrieve it at potential cost of body or soul.  — Generally, one needs great learning of many facets of myth and religion and history and ancient / less ancient writings to wring full benefit (and I am not at all perfect in this regard, I have to admit) from the astrological or celestial harmonics here construed/constructed by this book’s High Literature, its High Weird — its Weird Weird:- ending, as this ‘story’ does with Editorial / Gentleman’s Magazine ‘end-interpolations’ (if that’s not a contradiction in terms) of fleetingly potential High Absurdism. (30 Dec 11)

Two Candles Burn Brighter

“I am indeed a Glutton of Books.”

A delightful sit-com of a famous poet (named explicitly) receiving a Visitor from Porlock (not named explicitly as such) who, inter alia, complains of the poet’s marginalia in library books. I had to smile even more at that point – as I myself personalise the books that I real-time review with marginalia! There is much “Illuminist” candle-dreaming, too, here, although I’m not sure where dream ends and reality begins or whether each is the other or neither of these things at all.  Highly enjoyable mentions here, too,  of “Arks of Knowledge, or Angel Cages“, continuing the dutiful thread. [I sense that the earlier “supercellestial” I suggested as a possible glitch (like any other possible glitches in this book) is not a glitch at all, as I explicitly suspected earlier to be the case.  Those examples, like the “Himmalayas” in this ‘story’, are all part and parcel, I propound, of the aforementioned aspirationally absurdic ‘end-interpolations’.  No overt textual glitches, then, but I do suspect that the glue partially binding this book needs the stitches that are here thankfully in place to obviate what appears to be its slowly developing insecurity as glue.] “The question of how snow moves in a breeze, for example: or the life of the Seminole Indian: or the anatomy of the whale; and Snake birds and Upas trees. So many things can be fuel for the poetic spirit.” (30 Dec 11 – ninety minutes later)

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